6 Reasons To Upgrade Your Deep Fryer With A Built-In Filtration System

Even in a restaurant where french fries are the only fried food on the menu, the deep fryer ties the commercial kitchen together. Keeping that popping hot oil fresh is a major challenge when you've already got enough on your plate. If you didn't invest in a fryer fitted with filtration equipment in the first place, you can still upgrade with extra parts to gain these six benefits of cleaner cooking oil.

Save Money

With cases of economy fryer oil costing at least $28 for 35 pounds, oil is the most expensive part of frying foods by far. Using zero trans fat or flavorful oils like peanut and grapeseed increases your expenses astronomically. Since filtration extends the life of each batch of oil by removing food particles that burn and cause spoilage, you'll spend less on oil over the course of each year. You might find filtration upgrades pay for themselves in a shorter time than you expected.

Reduce Labor

Do you already ask your employees to filter the oil by hand at the end of each day? This is a tricky and time-consuming task. Even experienced teammates can take two or three hours on the task if you have a bank with six or eight fryer wells. Keep your team focused on more important cleaning and cooking chores by letting the equipment handle the filtration instead of fussing with funnels and paper filters. You also save time by:

  • Getting your equipment up and running again with minimal downtime
  • Eliminating the need to clean the containers you use for holding the filtered oil before it goes back in the fryer
  • Cutting the time associated with old oil disposal and fresh refilling in half due to the extended life

Lower Risks

Handling hot oil to manually filter it is also dangerous because it can cause severe burns or slips after a spill. It's crucial for the worker to let the oil cool down before pouring it, but time-pressed employees often end up handling it while it's still 200 degrees F or higher. The oil does need to be at least a little warm so it doesn't clog up in the filter, making it hard to accomplish the entire task while in the perfect temperature range.

Improve Flavor

Letting bits of food float around in the oil causes off-putting flavors that your customers won't enjoy. Not only does it encourage flavors to transfer from fish filets to cheesecake bites, the debris itself goes bad quickly and takes the oil quality down with it. The built-in filtration unit can run multiple times a day to keep the oil clean no matter how many people you serve.

Prevent Fires

Aging and dirty cooking oil is more likely to catch on fire. Grease fires are more dangerous than other types because they've got such a large source of fuel. Attempts by well-meaning employees to stifle the fire with flour or water causes explosive reactions, and using a safe grease fire extinguisher still makes a mess that requires you to shut down for cleaning. Daily filtering prevents all of these dangers and annoyances by keeping the oil fresh.

Meet Regulations

Finally, reliable filtration upgrades can also help you meet local health and safety codes. If you've received warnings about the quality of your oil in the past, investing in a built-in unit is the fastest way to satisfy inspectors.

It's possible to find filter upgrades that fit any brand or size of commercial deep fryer equipment. Invest in a system that can pump numerous gallons of oil per minute so the entire filtration task can be completed in less than half an hour. You can click to read more about oil filtration systems.